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    Tutorial: How to setup HLSS. ( Half-Life Sound Selector )

    This tutorial explains how to set up HLSS for Counter-Strike 1.6
    Links needed: <--- HLSS and the converter itself. <--- If you dont have this file. <--- Funny .wav files.

    Step 1
    - Navigate to the following folder on your computer. Steam users: SteamApps\account-name\counter-strike\cstrike. NonSteam users: Just locate where you downloaded it at. This is obviously not the full folder because it depends on where you installed CS 1.6. Once you are in the correct folder, look for a file called autoexec.cfg. If you do NOT see it, download it by clicking here, and then place it in the folder mentioned above (in green), then skip to step 2 and ignore the rest of this step.

    If you DO have it, add the following lines of text to the bottom of it (you can do this by opening the file in notepad):

    alias hlss-START "voice_inputfromfile 1; voice_loopback 1; +voicerecord; alias ToggleWAV hlss-STOP"
    alias hlss-STOP "voice_inputfromfile 0; voice_loopback 0; -voicerecord; alias ToggleWAV hlss-START"
    alias ToggleWAV "hlss-START"
    voice_fadeouttime 0

    Now save and close the file.

    Step 2
    - If you don't have HLSS downloaded, you can get it from the link above. Once you have HLSS, open it and go to File > Options. Now click the 'browse' button in the window that pops up, and locate the following folder. Steam users: SteamApps\account-name\counter-strike\cstrike. NonSteam users: Find where you downloaded CS.

    This is your game directory folder. Once you have found it, click OK, and then OK again to close the options window.

    Step 3
    - Start up Counter-Strike 1.6, and open your console (by tapping ~).

    Step 4
    - Type the following line in to the console, and hit enter:
    bind del "ToggleWav"

    This will make it so when you tap the Delete button, the wav will start playing, and when you tap it again while the wav is still playing, the wav will stop. So basically, Delete will be your Start/Stop button.

    Step 5
    - Now that you have setup HLSS for Counter-Strike 1.6, you are going to need to add some .wav files to your HLSS playlist. It is VERY important that EVERY sound file is converted EXACTLY as shown in the converting wavs section before you attempt to add it to your playlist, or play it in the game. We will move on assuming you have some converted .wavs already. Be sure HLSS is open, and click the green plus on the program interface.

    Step 6
    - A window will pop up asking you to locate a .wav file to add. Find one, and then give it a shortcut key. This shortcut key is used to switch the song in game. It's important to remember that shortcut keys do not actually play the song, they just switch the song. Delete is your Start/Stop key.

    Step 7
    - The function keys (F1 - F12) are common shortcut keys people use in HLSS because they are not bound to anything in most Steam games (by default). You can use any key you want though as long as it's not bound to anything else.

    Step 8
    - Now before you can go into a game and start playing your sounds, you need to activate HLSS. To activate it, click the thumbs up button . If you wish to add more wavs later on, or change any HLSS settings, you must first deactivate HLSS by clicking the thumbs down button .

    Step 9
    - Now just start up your game so we can go test HLSS. If it was already open, you may want to restart the game real fast to ensure the HLSS script (autoexec.cfg) loads itself.

    Step 10
    - Once you are in the game, and actually playing at a server, press the shortcut key to one of your wavs. In the picture below, you can see after you press the shortcut key a little black bar appears that shows the wav's full file location (this black bar will only show up in Source games for a split second). This means that this .wav file is ready to be played. The black bar is also helpful because you can tell which .wav file is assigned to a certain shortcut.

    Step 11
    - If you set up everything correctly, you should be able to tap 'Delete' and hear your sound playing!


    Converting to .wav files

    - Open dBpowerAMP. It will ask you which music file(s) you would like to convert. Locate the file(s) you want to convert (mp3 or wav will work), and then click open.

    - In the next window, you will have to set the program's options differently depending upon the type of engine your game uses:

    - For all HL1 Engine games.

    The rest of the settings in this window are optional. They just let you choose where you want the wav file(s) to go when the conversion is complete, if it should delete the original file(s), etc... so you can adjust those settings to your own preference.

    - Now just click convert. It will take a moment to convert your wav(s). After that, you're done! You now have a correctly converted wav file!

    You are FINISED! Dont forget to +rep me if this helped.

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    O_o WTFFFF , thats so long , thanks man , GOOD JOB


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    good tutorial mush but i hate when people spam this shit

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